Before you start your business journey or path to success, you must first have a vision. Your vision is what will continue to drive you and push you in the right direction. It’s like having a map leading you to your next destination; without it, it will be hard to find your way.

The most important key to my success and continuing my vision has been the people I surround myself with. I discovered that when you first start pursuing your vision and dreams, there will be a lot of people you have in your life “support” your decision. But as your dream starts to become a reality, your surrounding support system seems to diminish.

Like I have posted in a couple previous blogs, people can be toxic and put a damper on your vision. Therefore, you only want to surround yourself with like-minded people.   I can’t tell you enough how much this has made a difference in my life. Even though it’s sad to hear, every relationship does eventually come to an end whether it is from growing apart, having different ambitions, or someone passes away. You are in charge of whom you want to surround yourself with. I, myself, decided to choose my circle wisely and only surround myself with people who support my vision.

Answer this: Are the people surrounding you supporting your vision 100% or are you constantly having to defend yourself of your worth and your ability? Of course not everyone who reads this will find themselves in this predicament, but for those who do, it is time to realize that you are worth more and your vision is important!!

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to continue pursing a dream of yours if someone was constantly telling you that it will never be as big as you think, or it won’t last forever? It is very discouraging; trust me, I know. Making the choice to only have people around you who support your vision will be the smartest decision you will make for your business and success. You just have to start by taking the necessary steps!!


Ronne B

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