STRESS. Trust me, I know the toll it can take on a person and how unhealthy it is. It’s easy to feel like we can’t avoid being stressed out because it’s just the way the world is today. The truth is, we don’t have to give into the ways of the world; we can march to our own beat and live a stress free life, we just have to commit to it. There are a couple ways to help reduce your stress and keep it under control so it doesn’t consume your life:

Get To The Root Of Your Stress

First things first, you have to figure out where your stress is coming from. If you can’t pin point the problem, you won’t be able to work on getting your stress under control. Everyone has a trigger of what stresses them out more than others. Once you have figured out what causes most of your stress, you need to figure out a way to either eliminate that problem or try to manage it. I have found several ways to manage my stress levels, but I’ll just share a couple with you. One, I schedule my daily life and organize my priorities. Being organized has taken a huge load of stress out of my life because I no longer have to wonder if I am forgetting something. Another great way to relieve stress is to pray and take a few minutes a day to yourself. You’d be surprised what a few minutes will do for your stress levels.

Don’t Let The Stress Back In

Once you’ve figured out what is causing your stress and you’ve begun to take the necessary actions to reduce it, you need to commit to not letting stress back in. What I’ve seen happen with myself is that once I get my current stress levels under control it’s easier for me to allow myself to get stressed out about other things. This is something you absolutely cannot let yourself do. If you find yourself stressing over something you never have before, you need to use your methods from above to conquer that stress too. Eventually your techniques will come as second nature and you will see a continuous improvement in your stress levels.

It’s important to trust yourself and believe that you can get control of your life You are capable of achieving anything if you set your mind to it. Remember this when you’re at your low points.


Ronne B

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