Do you remember the excitement you felt when you first started your business? The possibilities were endless and you were more motivated than you ever thought possible. BUT that newness doesn’t last forever. That is why you have to continually find ways to stay excited about your business. I want to give you a few tips that I found to stay excited about your business.

Be the business.
Treating your business as your “baby” identifying with it personally can help you stay motivated. I soon became passionate about my business and after that, everything I did was in some way related to my work. I wanted my business to flourish and I wanted to see how successful I could become and this excited me. With each goal I reached I set a reward for myself and once I reached that goal, I got the reward. This was one of the best ways for me to stay excited and enthused!

Get up.
Your environment can either stimulate or prohibit motivation. If your location can’t support your goals, consider packing up the laptop and finding a new place to work; either just for the day or long-term. You mood can vary from day to day so being about to pick up and work from anywhere is the most rewarding thing about my business. If I want to sit by the pool, curl up on the couch, or sit in a local café and drink coffee, my business allows me to do that!! This is what excites me, having the freedom to work where I want

Hunker Down
As an entrepreneur or small-business owner, you are forced to wear many hats, and some may not suit your personality or style. To stay motivated, reward yourself after a big accomplishment like I stated above. There will always be something you don’t necessarily get excited about with your business so allowing yourself rewards at the end will keep the motivation and determination there. The most important thing is to always look at the bigger picture and see how far you’ve come. As an entrepreneur, anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!!

Ronne B

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