Now that spring has finally sprung, it is time to start thinking about some spring promotions to jump-start your business again. As the weather starts to warm up and the trees begin blooming, people will be out and about more and there is no better way to bring in business than with some fun promotions. Here are a few ideas for your small business:

Free Gifts. Everyone loves free items, big or small, it just entices people for some reason. Invite them to your store with an offer of a free gift just for stopping by. It could be a promotional pen, a free coffee, or even a small gift certificate for a future purchase. Anything to get them into your store could result in extra sales from early spring buyers.

Enter To Win. Who doesn’t love a contest? You could come up with a basket of goodies from your store or even partner with other small businesses to come up with an even bigger and better “enter to win” contest. People love to win free things and if the items come from their favorite stores it’s even better.

Spring Into Shape. Whether your business reflects around health and wellness or not you can still encourage your customers to be healthier and exercise more for the coming summer. You could offer to stock some of their favorite vitamins, fitness products, or whole foods. Depending on the type of business you have there are many different promotional options that can help you drive in more business.

Punch Cards. Another great idea for a spring promotion would be to introduce a new punch card system. If people know they are going to eventually get a certain dollar amount off of their purchase it will entice them to buy more. They might even look into buying certain items they were second guessing just so they can get closer to filling their punch card.


Ronne B

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