Pruning by definition is “cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.”

If we had to relate “pruning” to life, one would assume that it’s a natural process that occurs during a seasonal transition.  It’s a process known to promote growth and reduce the contamination of “fruit.”  It’s also used to minimize the prevention of growth.  What people don’t want to admit to others or themselves is that it’s an uncomfortable process that you must learn to fall in love with if you want to “blossom!”

Here are five (5) important things to remember during “pruning season”

You can’t become stuck by what you’re going through because adversity is designed to challenge you to find another way.

Always remember that nothing takes the place of authenticity.  That same rose bush that blossomed last spring will blossom again this spring as long as you remember to cut away dead branches, pull up any weeds and remove anything that doesn’t show signs of LIFE!

There is something very special about you that you can’t get anywhere else.  When you were given a gift or assignment, it was with purpose.  If you focus on your assignment and protect your gift, you’ll see the value in your labor.   

None of us are a perfect package.  As you blossom, you may begin to notice things around you that aren’t in alignment with where you’re headed.  You may notice that you’re beginning to attach yourself to things that are consuming your time, resources and life even.  Remember that it’s ok to release yourself from those things.

“Pruning” will cost you something.  Always remember that where you invest your time, resources and energy is where you will see your residual.  What are you investing in and is it helping you to evolve as an individual?

Although pruning can be uncomfortable, the silver lining in “pruning” is that it occurs in the most beautiful season of them all.  The season where you will see the most “growth” and a season where you get to spend time tending to the most delicate gifts that life has to offer.


Ronne B

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