Spending time with God can be a difficult task to accomplish everyday. Not just because your schedule is packed full everyday, but when it comes time to actually sit down and spend the time reading or praying, you find something else that could occupy your time and be more productive. What people don’t realize is, spending time with God is one of the most important tasks you can do each day. But just like any relationship, it takes time to build and time to get comfortable.

You don’t necessarily have to read the Bible every time you spend time with God. You could listen to scriptures on tape, listen to music praising him, or just sit and talk out loud. Making your time with God unique and special is what will help you make a habit out of it.

Statistics show that if you do something for 21 days it will become a habit. I have found that it is easiest for me to spend time with God either in the morning right as I’m waking up or right before bed. It’s kind of a bridge I have to cross to either start my day or go to sleep. I can’t do either without talking to Him for a while. I have made this a habit and if I ever try to skip a day, I cant. I feel like something is missing or out of sync.

Don’t talk to God in a way that you feel different than when you talk to anyone else. Just talk to Him like you would a friend. Tell Him about your problems and share things with Him that you would share with a friend. Being yourself is important and a key to making a habit of your special time with Him.

Spending time with God has always been a big priority of mine because I have so much to be thankful for and so much to share with Him. It has become one of my biggest priorities throughout my day and I can’t miss it without feeling incomplete. We all have things we are thankful for and can talk to God about so making time with Him should ALWAYS be a priority.


Ronne B

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