Often people think confidence is something that you have to be born with, and if you aren’t, then you just got unlucky. That’s not true at all. I do believe that some people are born with more confidence than others but everyone has the opportunity to find their inner confidence some way or another. The key is to think positive and believe in your abilities.

Finding a way to believe in yourself is much easier said than done when you lack self-confidence, I know. BUT, here are a few ways to help you build your self-confidence and hopefully send you in the right direction of believing in yourself!

Act Like You Have The Confidence You’re Wanting

When you try to possess the confidence that you are looking to have, it becomes easier for you to actually see that it’s possible. By trying to act more confident, you are making it easier to banish the self-doubt that you have and make room for the confidence that is inside you. Reaching the confidence level you need, is like reaching a big goal. You can’t stop at your first small goal; you have to keep going until you reach the finish line.

Find Your Power Pose

Stand up and walk to a mirror. Put your chin up, shoulders back, and find the position that makes you feel powerful and more confident. You won’t ever feel the confidence you want if you are hunched over looking defeated. Stand tall for yourself so you can continue to diminish the self-doubt that you’ve been carrying around for so long.

Think Of Your Heroes

Think of someone who you really look up to, someone who has inspired you to pursue your dreams. Write down all of the qualities that they possess that radiate self-confidence. Do they stand tall? Do they continually take risks? What makes them a hero to you? Once you write down all of the attributes that you admire about them, try to conquer each one of those attributes in your own way to help you become as confident as them.

Stay Focused

What you put your attention on clarifies in your reality. If you focus on things that cause your self-doubt to arise, then you will struggle to find the self-confidence you need to keep going. Focus on things that will build your confidence and stay away from the negative thoughts. It’s better to think about how something could possibly work out rather than thinking about if it doesn’t. No one ever learned to ride a bike by saying they will fall off each time.

Gaining self-confidence is a process just like reaching any other goal. It won’t happen over night and having the patience to work toward what you want is the key. You have to focus on the great things that happen in your life and play those up so you can forget about anything negative that tries to show through.



Ronne B

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