What is the best way to schedule my day??

I hear this question from friends all the time. Deciding how to structure our time and steward our resources is top of mind for all of us. As I sit here writing this I also have my Girl CEO Planner that has gotten me through the weeks, making sure I am on time for calls, trainings, and more.

We’re working longer, but not always smarter.

Scheduling your work day depends on lots of factors:  If you work in an office, a home office, what type of work you do, etc..

No matter what field you are in and what type of business you do, there are three habits that will help you have the happiest and most productive day possible:

3 Keys To The Best Way To Schedule Your Day:

1. Do the things that have the most impact.

Look at everything you need to accomplish in your work day first thing in the morning. Find the three most important things and get those things done first. Sure, some other tasks may be easier and let you mark it off your checklist quickly, but stay focused on the three important tasks first each day.

2. Stay focused to avoid wasting your time.

Staying focused is key to having a great day. For me, that means my notifications are off during certain hours of the work day. Another way many people lose precious time during the work day is through checking email every hour can also be a big distraction. When you are working on a project and need to stay focused your email can wait a few hours.

3. Schedule short breaks throughout the work day.

This one is so counterintuitive, you may be tempted to roll your eyes, skim over it and never think of it again. (How do I know this? I used to do the same thing!)

We can only stay focused on a single task for about 90-120 minutes at a time.

Ronne B.

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