It’s hard to believe that 2018 is here! I always take some time during the last few days of the year to reflect on my resolutions from the previous year and come up with some goals for the year ahead. However, so many of us get our pens and paper out and write down some amazing goals inspired by the dreams and visions we have a few weeks before the new year comes and when we do, some realize that our 2017 goals are passed to our 2018 goals. Have you ever asked yourself a serious question? Why in the world do I still have some of what is on my 2017 resolution list still on my 2018? Don’t get me wrong, some things are just not meant to be manifested quite yet, but would most of what you have had on your 2017 list been checked off if you participated in discipline and commitment?

Like many others like me, that realization can put a pretty crappy damper on 2018 but don’t be so hard on yourself. We all learn from our mistakes, weaknesses, and areas that we just slack on. The biggest thing is to realize that it’s not too late. Let’s talk about discipline for a moment. So, the question remains, how much discipline do you really need to achieve your goals? Well, that’s actually up to you. Part of learning to discipline yourself is to know what your limits are, and how far your desire to succeed can push you. Learning these things takes plenty of practice, but, in the end, it’s all worth it. Once your internal schedules become an extension of who you are, you won’t even feel like you’re forcing yourself to do anything, it’s going to be part of your routine.

Commitment is also something that so many lack. It’s so easy to get off track these days. You can get pulled in so many directions we tend to forget the direction we need to be on ourselves. Being committed is a willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill and follow through on a responsibility. It may not even be what we most enjoy, but none the less, being committed means we are going to do it regardless. Commitment is essential to being a winner and achieving our loftiest goals.

Regardless of our mission and direction in life, there are three keys to staying committed to your goals. Sacrifice, Purpose, and Determination. No matter what your 2018 Goals are, make sure you have Discipline and Commitment close.

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Ronne B

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