Are you wanting to change things up this year? Maybe transform yourself or your life into something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time? Well it can be done, but you have to be ready to hit the reset button and be dedicated to your transformation. It will take some work but motivation goes a long way. To get you started here are a few tips to jump start your reinvention:


Connect with people, talk to people you would never talk to before. Expand from your comfort zone and reach out! We live in a world where everyone is so easily reached with social media, cell phones, and video chatting. There’s no excuse not to let yourself get out there and make new connections with people. 

Be Generous

This doesn’t have to be monetary. You can be generous in many ways. Help someone cross the street, go to a friend’s art show to support them, volunteer in your community. Being generous will help you remember the true value of life and how important the little things can be. 


Don’t be afraid to fail. More than likely, something is going to go wrong, whether it’s a minor set back or a really big failure. They are going to happen and the only way to over come them is by being ready to face them head on and power right through it. Be ready to pick yourself right back up and keep going. The only way to truly grow is to step out of your comfort zone and open yourself up for failure. 


This should be an easy one, right? We’ve basically been programed to learn from the beginning so this part should come effortless, but it doesn’t. When it comes to reinventing ourselves, it’s scary to learn something different than what we’ve been used to for so long. We tend to get stuck in our ways and “comfortable” so changing everything up is a hard pill to swallow. You can do it though, it will just take motivation, dedication, and confidence.

One more tip that I can give you is to surround yourself with people who can keep you on track. Find a mentor who has done the same thing and can help you come up with a plan of action. Write down your progress so you can look back on it in a few months and see just how far you have come. 

Ronne B

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