Trying to maintain a healthy, positive attitude isn’t always easy. As a matter of fact it takes a lot of hard work and action on your part.

You may wake up with all good intentions of carrying out your day gratefully, gracefully and happily but then the negativity from others comes crashing in on your peace of mind and pulls you down with it. Sometimes the only thing you can do is purge that negativity from your life whether it’s people, habits, or even your own thoughts. Here are a few ways to purge those toxins out of your life:

1. Give Yourself Permission To Love From A Distance

Do you ever dread speaking to someone because you know it typically leaves you feeling down or gets you doubting yourself? Is it a family member that wants to take digs at your lifestyle? Is it a friend or co-worker that wants to complain about a bad situation that they seem never willing to change? Or is it an ex that just can’t move on? Whomever it is, is it worth risking your positive attitude and motivation for the day? No! The truth is that you do not owe anyone anything. It’s time to start taking care of you and time to stop worrying about how you will make others feel. It may upset those people when you distance yourself, but that is the only way to maintain a healthy mindset and stay focused on what your goals are.

2. Choose More Consciously What You Read Or Watch

How often do you read or watch something that leaves you feeling awful? It’s pretty common with how advanced our media is now and everyone tends to share more negative than positive online. Just be cautious about what you spend your time reading. Utilize your time to help yourself grow and expand your knowledge. If you are trying to build a business, then do research on leaders that you admire and see what their story is. Educate yourself on the particular business you are involved in. You can never have too much knowledge about something so instead of getting yourself down with the negative posts, focus on things that will help you succeed further in life. Leave yourself with a positive mindset after reading. 

3. Social Media Is What You Make It – So Make It Good

Let’s face it. Social media has become a huge part of our society and almost everyone is on it. Like I said above, there are going to be many people who constantly share the negative stories and post negative things online. It may be time for you to clean up your social media and rid yourself of those negative people. Be the positive light that people read each day and send motivation to your followers. Delete or unfollow the negativity and surround yourself with inspiration and happiness. It’s out there. 


Ronne B

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