Preparing your business for the holiday season is a must. You have to plan ahead and consider all of the new potential clients that will come out of the woodwork. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to build your client base and establish relationships for a lasting customer base. I pulled some great tips from an article I ran across this morning about preparing your business for the holidays:

Creative Marketing Strategy – Strategizing in the anticipation for this time of the year is a great idea for any business. So make sure to incorporate creativity! Do something different to attract all of those holiday shoppers or clients who love to spend this time of year. Handwriting notes to your existing client base wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas is a great idea. By doing this, you’re showing customers your appreciation while also keeping your business in their mind.

Promotions/Sales – With the presence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes discounts and sales. It’s a great time to entice your existing customer base with discounted products and services. So of course it is a good marketing tool! Use this to your advantage by sending targeted incentives (such as coupons and exclusive deals) to a preferred customer list. While promoting the business, it may be a good idea to inform your clients of any pre-holiday promotions.  However, it is suggested not to go overboard. Remember: You want to make a profit, too!

Content Marketing Strategy – Similar to your regular marketing plan, in anticipation of the holiday influx, you should make sure that SEO and content marketing is implemented wisely. Go back to your previous years’ campaigns and analytics. What worked? What are the trends for this year? When looking at the trends, it’s a good idea to uncover what people are searching for related to your industry and the holidays.  So make sure that your SEO is on track by researching the historical trends for keywords. When it comes to any content, make sure that you are using your content to inform them but at the same time tie it into the holidays. Reinforce your new content by sending out email campaigns. Just remember that engagement is key, so engage get them excited about the impending holiday.

Website Preparedness – Now would be the perfect time to perform any necessary upgrades to your website. More customers are becoming online customers, so it so important that your website is running smoothly and able to handle new customers in addition to existing clientele. Your website must be able to accommodate all of the sales that you are going to receive, so take the time now to work out any bugs or kinks dealing with your website for a smooth checkout process. You don’t want to lose out on any potential revenue because your website was down or because your merchant credit processing was having issues. The key to website preparedness is to make sure your website is ready to accommodate the herds of clients who are



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