Like a lot of businesses, the fall season not only brings cooler weather and pumpkin flavored, well, everything; it also brings a slower period for sales. Especially in the health and wellness industry, it seems like every fall there is a gradual decrease in sales and interaction with customers.

This isn’t necessarily because people don’t want to take care of themselves in the cooler season, but you have to market your business in a different way. For example, summer time marketing tends to focus on looking good in a bathing suit and having the confidence you once had. Fall and winter marketing could focus on the actual health benefits that come with living a better lifestyle.

You also have to be totally dedicated to your business, no matter what type of products or services you provide, your business must represent YOU. I always stay 100% involved with my current and potential clients. You may not realize this, but people watch what you do, they watch every step you make and when the time is right for them, they will pursue you. That is why I constantly interact on social media; I want people to know that I am a product of my products that I sell. I want people to know that I love my family, that I enjoy fun activities with friends, etc. Your goal should be to build relationships with your audience and earn their trust.

The fall season doesn’t have to be slow for your business; focus on different ways to market and make sure your business represents you and not just a product.



Ronne B

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