As a business owner I was glad to finally have the option to conduct my business how I deemed necessary. I hated having to follow the rules and regulations that someone else set in place for me because sometimes I might not agree with how things were handled. Now that I own my own business, I have the choice of how things are handled and how my customers and business partners will be treated. My choice is to ALWAYS operate my business out of love; with forgiveness and peace.

If I were to give you advice on running a business, it would definitely be to choose love over all. Being able to forgive and find peace are aspects you don’t often find within a business. This is why I have always found it important to not only care about my business, but also truly care about the people I work along side. You will be rewarded much greater when you want the people you work with to succeed just as bad as yourself.

When I started my business I had every intention of growing even greater than I have now but my mindset has never changed. From the beginning I wanted to share my journey with as many people as possible and change lives. I can recall times in my life where bosses would be hateful and rude to their employees and you know where it got them? Nowhere. The employees hated their jobs and they never found the motivation to work. I’ve seen business owners and leaders treat their partners with little to no respect but still expect them to work just as hard as they were in the beginning. This will not happen!!

Operating my business out of love is the only option for me. Some people might not agree with that business plan but it has worked for me and I have not only gained some wonderful business partners along the way, but they have become like part of my family. We all love working together and we build each other up when times get tough. We support one another 100% and never let someone get discouraged.

I am a firm believer that if you choose to operate your business with forgiveness and peace, you will be rewarded even greater than if you were to be driven by money. Money plays a huge part in a business, yes, BUT you have to remember the real reason why you started your business. Mine was to change more lives than just my own and in more ways than just financially. So far my vision is playing out and I plan on continuing to operate this way and I encourage you to do the same!


Ronne B

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