Unfortunately, most people succumb to their circumstances, allowing their limitations to determine the outcome of their life. In other words, they settle for a life below their potential. Personally, it’s unfortunate and makes me want to scream (I know, just being downright extra right?) at them that they don’t have to settle for the life they’re living because there’s too much GREATNESS inside of them! And if you’re settling, I want to SCREAM at YOU since you are reading this at the sound (well, text) of my voice, to NOT SETTLE, THERE’S TOO MUCH GREATNESS IN YOU!

There’s greatness inside of YOU. Yes, YOU!

YOU make YOUR life. Don’t let others or “life” make YOUR life. No, we are not in control of some things; life happens; unforeseen events have and will occur. But, it’s YOUR response that makes the difference. Your response is YOUR choice!

Being a teenage mother, I could easily allow my challenges to determine my course in life, but I have REFUSED to do so.

I CHOSE to be a teenage Mom who never made an excuse of having a baby on my hip. My family didn’t have much money growing up, but I still CHOSE and managed to break every generational curse of struggling.

I say this to all of you because you don’t have to live in a box. If you grew up poor and have always struggled, you don’t have to struggle for the remainder of your life. If you’ve always wanted to be a singer or designer (for example), you don’t have to settle working as a clerk at Walmart (though there’s nothing wrong with it). And if you’ve gotten off to a rough start in life, it doesn’t have to be that same predicament for the rest of your life.

You can live better. You deserve to live the life you desire. And you don’t have to settle for a life below your potential. The choice is YOURS. Make up your mind now. There’s greatness in you. Keep pushing. Don’t settle.

Ronne B.

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