When you own a business, essentially the hardest part doesn’t seem to be getting your customers, but managing to keep them. I strive to keep my customers happy and continually engage to find out what will better fit their needs. When you engage customers on a one-on-one basis and freely share your expertise, you build credibility and trust. Simple gestures such as a friendly greeting or making product recommendations based on the customer’s specific needs make a lasting impression. And when you ask customers for feedback, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a great customer experience.

There are easy ways to attract, engage, and keep your customers. If you struggle with this, here are a few tips that I like to follow each month while running my business.

Ask for permission. Before you add a name to your contact list, ask the customer for permission. If you let them know the benefits of subscribing, such as insider deals and free expert insight, they’re more likely to sign up and look forward to hearing from you.

Be where your customers are. Identify the two social media channels where your customers are most active. By understanding what’s important to them, you can tailor your marketing efforts to imitate those certain interests.

Provide valuable content. Many small businesses are built around the owner’s passion for what they do. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your expertise is of high value. When you apply this to your online marketing efforts, it shows why you’re the better option and enables you to amplify your message to a wider audience.

Track your progress. Are customers reading your emails? Which articles from your newsletter were most read and shared? Are your social media followers engaging with your posts? If they redeemed your latest offer, did they forward it to a friend or share feedback? The more you understand about your audience and your progress, the stronger your marketing results will be.

Now take these tips and apply them to your business and watch your customer base grow.


Ronne B

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