No matter how successful your business might be, there is always room for improvement and updates. So as a business owner, you have to take the responsibility of asking yourself the most important questions that will keep your business ahead of the game.

First, you have to know what your purpose for existing is. Many businesses begin with a certain purpose but over time their product and market changed. The importance of this is you have to be aware of when your market is changing so you can adjust your product to accommodate. If you choose to just let your product stay the same, the market will out grow your product and it will be left in the dust. Styles change, needs and wants change, and that means your product must change or update also in order to keep your customers attention and desire for your product.

Second, you must always be aware of who your target customer is. Depending on your product, you could have multiple target customers but for the most part you can narrow your customer base down. For example, if you are selling health and beauty products, your target customer is more than likely going to be an adult woman. That is a very basic target customer but you can narrow it down as far as you want. The key is to just always be aware of who you are trying to reach with your product. Be creative and always brainstorm on new ways to draw their attention.

Last, it is very important to be aware of why your customers need or want your product. What sets your product apart from other products that are similar? All too often we fall into the trap that people want something because we like it. This is the road to damnation. You must ask your customers what they want and deliver that. It is very hard for a business to fail if they are constantly communicating with their customers and giving them what they ask for.


Ronne B

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