Social media is constantly changing, whether it’s updates and improvements on current sites or completely new platforms coming out; so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends. As a network marketer my business thrives off of social media because that is what everyone uses to stay in tune with “life” in our society.

Social media has become a lifeline I guess you could say for many network marketers because the majority of their potential customer base uses at least one form of social media on a daily basis. Like I said above, the trend is constantly changing so being able to keep in tune with what is popular is very important. Network marketing is about building relationships so you don’t necessarily have to market your business on every social media site you are a part of; you just need to form a common bond with your followers.

A great way to find out what social media platforms people are using is to use the old fashioned way of marketing and networking: talking to a person. Having good quality conversations with people will not only build your relationships with them but after you are finishing up your conversation you can ask them how they like to keep in touch with their contacts. They might list off a social media platform that you are not familiar with so you could go home and research it.

Another way of discovering new platforms is by keeping a close eye out on your current platforms. Many people link their social media accounts together so when they make a post it will post on every site they use. For example, you can link your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and when you post a photo, it will post on the additional sites as well. On Facebook when someone does this, it says it on their post where the original post came from. If you keep an eye out for this, you might discover a new platform that is worth checking out. Also people love giving reviews for things they use, so watch out for what people are raving about.

I am constantly looking for new ways to connect with people so I have an account with many different social media platforms. I don’t use them all on a daily or weekly basis but I have experimented with them. I think the key is to keep an open mind about what can work for you. You never know what platform will give you the most success, so dabbling a little in each one definitely wouldn’t hurt.



Ronne B

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