Keeping my family first has always been a priority of mine even at my busiest moments. Life can be hard to juggle at times but you should never put your family on the back burner to your career or success goals. Your family is the one constant thing in your life so you should always make it a priority to spend quality time with them and put their needs before anything else.

Even the smallest things could be huge to your family. For example, this past weekend was my daughters first cheer competition. I had the opportunity to go on an all expense paid trip to Mexico but I turned it down because my family comes first. Of course my daughter will have other cheer competitions but she will never have her first competition ever again. I didn’t want to miss such a special time in her life just to go on a vacation that I had been on before.

Here are a few tips to keeping your family first:

Always make it a point to have family meals together. So many families in this day and age don’t make it a point to sit down at night and eat dinner with their family, or eat breakfast together before starting each day. If you make this a priority for your entire family, you can eventually create a habit of it and it will become a great tradition that your family will remember forever.

Designate a day that is strictly family day. As a business owner this has been my saving grace. If I did not designate a day for my family, my phone would preoccupy my mind or my computer would distract me from what is most important. Technology has made it so much easier to contact people now that our phones are constantly attached to us. It’s important to have a day where you put your phone away and focus solely on your family. This really helps with bonding and building relationships with everyone.

Support your family’s interests. Whether they are interested in what seems to be something so small, make it a point to show them you are proud of what they are involved in. Support their accomplishments and always put them first. What seems like something small to you could mean the world to them so never put their needs on the back burner.

It isn’t hard to put family first. Just always think about their needs before anything else. When it comes to choosing your business or family, think about whether or not you can relive that moment again or if your business can truly wait. Most of the time, your business can wait the short amount of time that it takes to put your family’s needs first.



Ronne B

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