Today my thought is simple: stay calm and keep paddling. You are taking ground even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Just because it feels hard, doesn’t mean you aren’t going anywhere. God just might be building in you the strength you need so that He can take you where you don’t yet know that you are going. But He does. And the adventure will be worth it.

Don’t let the way the season is making you feel impact the ground you are truly taking. Sometimes the illusion that we are getting sucked backwards is actually the indicator that we are moving forward.

We must decide now, that we will not give up later. If we don’t prepare our hearts now, the weight of the work will threaten our destiny later. What will give us the zeal to keep moving forward when the waves rise up and the rush of the revelation dies? We must build foundations beneath our motivations. Nobody ever went down an unpaved path without a machete. Just the same, we cannot expect to take new ground without our weapons. Do not wait until you need them to try to get them.

When you choose to go beyond what is comfortable, and say yes to the great adventures, there will be days when we are tempted to let the resistance and the struggle take us out. The moments that our arms start to burn and we feel like we are being pulled backwards are the moments that it is more important than ever to push forward.

Today, take a deep breath, look heavenward, and allow the King to remind you how far you have come and where you are going. The ground you will take and the difference you will make are worth every moment that you did not let go. At the end you will look back and realize that the adventure was worth it all.

Ronne B

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