Feeling stuck, unable to move? Maybe it feels like the path was laid out in front of you but you have forgotten how to walk?

Can I be honest with you? Sometimes, it still feels this way to me. There are moments of complete peace and content. We keep in our lane, eyes straight ahead, one foot swiftly in front of the other. The words flow freely. Maybe an encouraging email comes our way telling us to keep going or an opportunity presents a glimmer of hope. We fight back the lies in our head and refuse to give fear a seat at the table. And just like that, we’re back down. We decide to sit this one out. Figuring it’d be best if we just stayed on the bench and kept real quiet. Forget the art, forget all of it.

Anytime we walk in the direction of our dreams there will be pushback. Some friends might cheer us on while others don’t really understand. Colleagues could be both proud and disappointed. Family may offer advice that leaves us restless and confused. I get it, I’m right there with you.

What I want for me and you is to keep going. I want us to keep walking forward, one step at a time. Easier said than done though, right? But what I’m slowly finding, through trial and error, through falling to my knees and getting back up again, are a few ways to keep pressing on.

Find what keeps you tethered. It’s much easier to trip when we aren’t walking on solid ground. I find so much of my fear stems from forgetting who I am and how I was made. When I’m secure in that place, the words flow. I’m less wrecked by criticism or negativity.


You’re enough you know, just as you are, with or without making a single piece of art again. Let that settle in and know it’s the truth.

Ronne B.

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