Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Not because we are letting go of someone or something we really want and desire, someone we really love; but mostly because we tend to see it as “I failed” or “I wasn’t enough” or “I should have done this or maybe that” or “what is wrong with me”, “I am not loved” or “I don’t deserve it” SO we tend to try, to beg, to be super glued, to pray, to cry, to change ourselves maybe, to wait, to compromise, to follow, to seek revenge, to show them other people want us, or whatever that we do to channel this anger or pain of losing someone, and we never stop to ask the question why? No matter how confident we are we never stop asking ourselves “why?”

I was always told there are people that come for a season or stay for a lifetime. We must know which one that is and embrace it. Trust the process of your journey and who comes in your path for a moment or for a lifetime. It’s okay! There are lessons we must learn from it all that we must pick up and hold close. Good and bad! I have come to realize that we heal through it all if we want it. So many of us hold on to something too long not realizing it harms us.

So today, Let Go! It’s okay. I promise there are people who God places in your life that will be worth the journey.


Ronne B

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