We have all experienced one or many bad relationships in life. They can affect our friendships, our family relationships, and most definitely your business/job. You might not realize that part of the reason that your business is not thriving is because of a bad relationship. Here are a couple reasons why:

Being involved with a bad relationship first and fore most will cause a large amount of stress. According to a 2005 article in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, domestic strain can influence how well people function over the workday, away from home. The researchers measured the blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol of 105 middle-age men and women, and compared them to the self-reported stress levels. They found that those with more relationship concerns reported greater stress throughout the day had higher blood pressure in the middle of the workday and higher morning cortisol levels. This will cause many problems in the workplace. You won’t be able to function at 100% if you are stressed from something at home.

Also, being involved in a bad relationship will leave you distracted. If you are feuding with your partner or not on good terms, your mind will tend to wonder when you should be working. You might waste half of your day texting or talking on the phone with your partner just to settle whatever is going wrong. And when this becomes a regular occurrence, you are then putting a strain on your business.

Just think about how you spend your days. Do they mostly consist of working your business, being fully focused, energetic, and productive? Or do you find yourself constantly on the phone with your significant other, or constantly worry about your home life? Evaluate your stress level at work and see if the majority of what you are stressed about comes from your relationship. Don’t let a bad relationship hurt your business, it isn’t good for either person involved and removing yourself from the situation could potentially be the best thing that you could do for your business.



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