I knew that checking my bank account for the third time that day wasn’t going to change anything, but habit told me that it wouldn’t hurt to try.

As the numbers began to populate the page, my heart sank and disdain filled my mind. “This is never going to work,” I said to myself as tears began to form behind my eyes. “There’s never going to be enough money to keep this thing afloat.”

In an instant, I was sinking.

If you’re a business owner, I know that you’re with me. We’ve all walked through (or are currently walking through) those seasons where the vision is hazy and we’re left wondering if taking that step of faith into an entrepreneurial endeavor was the right choice.

As uncomfortable as they can be, these are the seasons that show us what we’re made of because of who we’re made by. These are the seasons where we have the opportunity to choose.

Throw off everything that hinders!

When we find ourselves sinking, it’s time to evaluate the cargo we’re carrying and unload anything that’s hindering our mission. We shouldn’t be surprised when a leg of the“race marked out for us” includes a seemingly impossible jog across the open ocean.

It can get frightening when we’re out in the waves, though; too far from the beginning to go back, and too far from the other side to see the end. In this place, doubt is a difficult burden to bear, and the ponderous nature of fear threatens to drag us down into the depths of the darkness beneath our feet.

If we’re sinking, it’s time to offer these things to the One who is not only giving us the ability to walk on the water, but also wants to take our heavy burdens and give us something lighter to carry.

Run with perseverance

Once we’ve freed ourselves of the things that hinder us, we have to choose to keep moving forward. Regardless of where we are or what we’ve been through, we always have the choice to keep moving forward. Walking on the waves means choosing persistence when the numbers in the bank account don’t add up. Walking on the waves means choosing to put one foot in front of the other when a mistake puts us further behind than we feel like we should be. Walking on the waves means trusting that he who promised is faithful, and he is capable of seeing us through.

I’m choosing to believe that he’s capable of keeping me from sinking. What about you?


Ronne B

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