Your phone rings, you answer it. You receive a text message, you stop to check it. You get an email you respond. How much time are you spending on getting things done that aren’t making you money? Every second that you spend on a distraction it’s costing you. Day in and day out people stray away from their agendas. It happens to the best of us. It starts with a phone call from a friend, an unexpected text message, or a random meet up with a business partner that causes you to rearrange your entire day. It’s up to you to turn your time into money. Here are some tips that will help you put your bang where your buck is.

– Run your business on a schedule
– Put down your phone
– Prioritize your responses to emails and text
– Accept the fact that you can’t answer every call
– Limit your time on online games and chat rooms
– Set time limits for your phone conferences
– Don’t spend too much time on social media

Also, don’t be afraid to invest in help. People who think they can do it all themselves, end up doing just that, while others spend their time learning money making strategies and how to work smarter. Break out of your old, non –productive, habits today. It’s time to turn your time into money!


Ronne B

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