It’s inevitable that major obstacles will arise to block your route to success. Sometimes they’re self-inflicted; sometimes they’re the result of actions by others with ulterior motives. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Regardless of the cause you have to learn from the experience. You have to draw from it so you can progress to the next phase of your expedition. The bigger the adversity you have endured, the bigger the lesson and the bigger the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

When adversity does come your way the true measure of a person is how he or she deals with it. Can it make you desire with all of your heart to become more understanding of others and more compassionate? Can it make you more resilient and more determined to achieve even greater success? Can it make you a respectful and respected leader? When personal or business adversity threatens your life just think of the grit and resilience shown by those who have had had to face serious physical challenges and emerged victorious.

Typically, the more successful you become the more adversity you are likely to encounter. No matter how much you mature and develop you will have to deal with stumbling blocks. They can be earth shattering and emotionally draining. But that’s life. And you must learn from them to become a better and more successful person.

So, when confronted with a sudden loss or significant reversal of fortune do not panic. Reflect on what has happened. What did you do wrong? What should you have done differently?  Avoid tunnel vision. Develop other options.

Don’t stop. Don’t give way to doubt and fear. Move forward. Find the strength within yourself to pick yourself up and arch forward. When you commit to doing the right things eventually you will be blessed. That’s karma.


Ronne B







Credit given to Gurbaksh Chahal for passages about adversity.

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