Taking a leap? It can be one of the hardest decisions that we make in life and many people struggle with ever being able to do it. I spent years working a 9-5 job where I was extremely unhappy but it paid the bills. I thank God everyday that I was able to take that leap and trust that my future was going to turn out just how I had dreamed. So here are a few tips to go by when deciding to take that leap:

1. Listen to the voice in your head.

Your inner voice has some very important things to say. I think of it as a more evolved version of yourself, saying “Hey, check this out!”

In a society where we tend to look to outsiders for advice, we tend to ignore our inner-voice. When you have a gut instinct about something, trust it and follow it. 

2. Practice daily self-care.

When we take the road less travelled, it can be stressful which is why it’s so important to stop, breathe and nourish your body and soul in whatever way works for you. Take time to meditate, grab brunch with your friends, or just relax in a hot bath at the end of the day. 

3. Replace fear of the unknown with a sense of desire for what’s to come.

Being in the unknown can be scary as hell, but try to replace your fear with desire for the passion you are pursuing! Take 5-10 minutes every day and visualize it. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who is around you? When you can stay in that state of mind, you are more likely to achieve your passion with ease.

4. Let yourself be supported by like-minded people.

I have said this many times before. You NEED to surround yourself with people who are in the same mindset as you. You tend to act like those around you so make sure your inner circle has similar end goals as you.

5. Quit comparing yourself to others.

Everyone has their own respective journey of what they’re manifesting in life. Focus on your desires, and trust that if you pay attention to what you want, it will happen exactly as it’s supposed to.

6. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished already.

The path is never clearly laid out, but we get clues along the way that give us assurance that we’re not out-of-our-minds for pursuing our dreams. Celebrate the small goals, celebrate what you achieve along the way and use it as a reminder to not give up when the end result isn’t happening as quickly as you may want it to.


Ronne B

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