Here lately social media sites have been flooded with different Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing businesses. A lot of people are skeptical and question the real success of these companies. Since I am currently with a MLM company, I thought I would share some tips on how to be successful with an MLM or network marketing company.

Be Ethical: The world of direct selling and multi-level marketing is littered with unscrupulous people and selling tactics. Despite what pressures may be upon you driving you towards MLM success, be careful to run your business above bar in all respects.

Sponsor, Don’t Recruit: Many MLMs incentivize representatives to recruit other sales representatives. Obviously, it will improve your profitability and recruitment numbers if your new recruits stick around for a while. By setting aside time and resources to properly train your recruits on business practices and products, your retention rates will be better.

Find a Company With A Product You Love: You can’t sell something or share your business if you don’t genuinely have pride in what you are representing. Do your MLM research and determine to partner with a company you can take pride in. Don’t forget to look into the company’s compensation plan before you join and make sure it is favorable to you.

Make an Effort to Share Your Product Everyday: Do something for your business everyday. Whether that is sharing a product sample, inviting a neighbor to host a product party or starting a website or social media account.

Educate Yourself on Different Ways to Market: If you excel at direct selling, but aren’t very computer savvy, take some time to learn how a website, email and social media can excel your business and product sales. If talking to customers is where you fall apart, brush up on your communication strategies.

Be Genuine: & Listen: Listening goes hand in hand with being genuine. If you are having a “conversation” with someone but thinking only about the next thing you plan to say or share, you aren’t listening and you are going to miss something important. Telling isn’t selling. Understanding and meeting your customer’s needs will sell product.

Find a Company You Like and Stick With It: Don’t jump from company to company. Not only does this make you look like you are trying to do entirely too much, but it makes you look like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Research companies, look into their products, decide which company best fits you and dedicate yourself to it. Those who jump around typically end up at the same 9-5 job they were trying to get away from in the first place. Don’t be that person.


Ronne B

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