Having quite time can benefit your life and business more than you think. Being able to sit and clear your mind will allow you to turn your focus on what’s really important and help you prioritize your life. There are many things we miss out on because of technology, and our busy schedules, so quite time is essential.

Allowing yourself 20 minutes of silence each day can help you connect with your surroundings and give you a sense of peace. You can appreciate the things you take for granted on a daily basis when you sit quietly and think.

For example, when we are constantly on our phone or computer we lose our appreciation for good quality communication. Technology is convenient for improving the ability to connect with other but it has also put a damper on our communication skills as a whole. By allowing silent time, you can learn to focus deeper on the quality conversations that we engage in and allow us to listen better to others around us. This will improve your relationships as well as our business.

Another fabulous benefit of sitting in silence for me has been my ability to think outside the box. With my busy schedule, my mind is usually running a mile a minute and I tend to get lost in the many different tasks and responsibilities that I have throughout the day. When I give myself quite time it lets me relax and open my mind to new ideas, which eventually lead to great breakthroughs in my business!!

Last but not least, sitting in silence has improved my ability to connect with the people I am closest to in my life. When you own your own business you tend to get lost in your work, which can cause your private life to suffer. When I sit alone and think, I can clear my head of all my distractions and focus on what’s really important to me. After I’m finished, I can then connect better with everyone and my relationships have improved greatly. This helps with my stress level as well so when I am working I can keep my focus on what is really important in my business.


Ronne B

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