When you hit a wall, you have two choices: keep going even though you feel your strides shift into small steps, or give into all the negative thoughts flooding your mind and stop. Your body is responding to the press—and it’s telling you it needs the energy to overcome.

Sometimes, in pursuit of our purpose and destiny, we hit a wall, too. Where once we were full of energy and faith, we suddenly realize we’re not moving forward as fast as we once were. And the wall begins to talk to us night and day: “You cannot get over me, you cannot get around me, you cannot get through me.”

Whatever our wall is, it’s in those moments that we have a critical decision to make. We can cave into discouragement and all the negative thoughts and quit. Or, we can look to the Lord who knows the solutions and how to bring down even the toughest walls. 

God wants your wall to come down as much as you do, but it will require faith—just like it did for the Israelites. When the walls did fall, it was after seven days of preparation—of God working in them and through them.

Let him do the same in you. Let him use these five steps to build your faith and bring down your walls.

1. Look up and fall down.

Look up and see the one who can give you a plan. Then fall face down letting go and giving all the control to God, trusting him.

2. Willingly obey.

Jesus will give you a plan, so make sure you’re prepared for unconventional instructions and unconditional obedience.

3. Walk and don’t talk.

Sometimes we have to keep walking in the right order, along the right path, for the right amount of time—even when nothing changes.

4. Remember God is in your midst.

It does not matter how big your wall is, God is with you, and no wall is too big for him. He is fighting for you!

Keep going. Keep believing. Keep propelling forward. Your wall is coming down.


Ronne B

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