Rejection in general can be tough and knock you down. It’s happened to everyone and it is somehow possible to overcome it. One of the main reasons you get rejected is because you don’t believe in yourself first. You need to snap out of that self-destructive mindset. How you perceive yourself is not necessarily how people view you. Those are your personal insecurities. The fear of rejection is hard to shake, but I’ve come to realize that rejection can actually be good for you. Here are a few reasons why:

You Grow Thick Skin. Developing thick skin is great because it gives you the resilience to keep pushing when things don’t go your way. You are less likely to throw in the towel or lose hope. Don’t let rejection get you down. Instead, take it as a learning experience and as fuel for your next endeavor.

You Become Fearless. If you can master the art of being fearless, you can do anything. Fear is what holds the majority of people back from pursuing their true passions. Social pressure and the fear of the unknown totally cripple people. When deciding whether or not to pursue something, ask yourself this: What’s the worst that can happen? Then decide if you are willing to deal with the consequences.

You Are More Secure With Yourself. Being secure with yourself is the absolute best feeling in the world. You don’t need validation from anyone or anything. You trust your gut and your decisions. There are some situations where you just need to act now and think later. Decide what you want, go for it and take that leap of faith.

You Learn How To Not Take Things Personally. This goes back to life being a numbers game. Don’t overthink everything. Not every rejection is about you or what you could have done better. Have you ever considered that the problem is with them and not you? Maybe you never stood a fair chance in whatever challenge you wanted to conquer. You can’t beat yourself up about it because there is always a good chance that it had nothing to do with you or your ability.


Ronne B

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