Dwelling on the past can hold you back more than you think when it comes to business and life goals. If you are constantly looking back on what could have been or what should have been, you will never be able to take the necessary steps to grow. Here are great stepping-stones for you to use when getting over the past. RELEASE from it all:

Realize Your Worth

Stop letting others determine your worth for you. Only YOU know what you are worth and if you continually let others decide it for you, you will never move on from your past. Your past has molded you into the spectacular person you are today. Don’t let it define you, just learn from it and GROW from it.

Enjoy Your Life

You only get one life to live, so enjoy every second of it. Embrace the good AND the bad and remember that when one door closes another one is bound to open. Be thankful for the life you have been give because there is always someone out there who would be very grateful to have it.

Let Happiness Happen

When you have something good going for you and happiness is upon you, don’t second-guess it. Enjoy it and just let it be. Over thinking things will cause you lose sight of the true bliss that you are encountering.

Embrace The Next Chapter

Part of moving on from the past is learning to embrace the next chapter in your life. You never know what lies ahead of you and if you choose to be weary and afraid of what could come, you will never be able to achieve the potential greatness that is destined for you. Even if your next chapter isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns, you have to take it on full force and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Affirmations Of Positivity Daily

Always recognize the positive things that happen in your life. We tend to lose sight of all of the great things that happen to us by only focusing on the bad. The more you point out the positive, the more you will realize just how blessed you are.

Stir Up Your Self Confidence

Everyone has different things that they are confident about, whether it’s your looks, your intelligence, or whatever else, it’s important to fuel that confidence. By taking actions that build your confidence level in the areas you are already comfortable with, you will open up a new ability to be confident in other areas as well.

Evolve And Educate Yourself On God

No one is perfect and God knows this. It’s important to establish a healthy relationship with God and trust him. If you are not a religious person, educate yourself on God, ask questions, and learn from people who are educated on the subject. This will help you evolve and move forward from many things that are holding you back.


Ronne B

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