Bad relationships can affect our friendships, our family relationships, and most definitely our business/job. You might not realize that part of the reason that your business is not thriving is because of a bad relationship. But taking a step back and realizing a couple of things can help you eliminate that negative energy in your life.

Being involved with a bad relationship first and for most will cause a large amount of stress. This will cause many problems in the workplace. You won’t be able to function at 100% if you are stressed from something at home. Sure stress is going to happen here and there. If you have a deadline to meet or if you have had a drastic increase or decrease in business; all of these could lead to normal stress. But when stress is occurring due to something that is controllable, like a bad relationship, it is time to get rid of that stress once and for all.

Also, being involved in a bad relationship will leave you distracted. If you are constantly arguing with your partner your mind will tend to wonder when you should be working. You might waste half of your day texting or talking on the phone  just to settle whatever is going wrong. This is time you could have taken to grow your business or tackle a project that has a deadline. When relationship distractions become a regular occurrence, you are then putting a strain on your business.

Just think about how you spend your days. Do they mostly consist of working your business, being focused, and productive? Or do you find yourself constantly focusing on things outside of your business? Evaluate your stress level and see if the majority of what you are stressed about comes from your relationship. Don’t let a bad relationship hurt your business, it isn’t good for either person involved and removing yourself from the situation sooner than later would be the best thing that you could do for your business.

Of course ending a relationship can be difficult and someone might get their feelings hurt, but life goes on and you have to remember what is best for YOU. After all, if the relationship you’re in isn’t a supportive and positive one, then you have nowhere to go but up. In fact, I’ve had experiences with bad relationships and struggled to find out where my life needed to go after things ended. I pulled through and stayed focused because I knew there we’re greater things waiting for me. If you are struggling and need some advice, check out my book, 25 Tips to Jump Start Your Life After a Breakup. I explain how to leave the past behind you, push forward, and begin again!!



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