As a businessperson it is easy to lose sight of the real reason you even started your business. A lot of people tend to let their paycheck or potential paycheck control their decisions and they never see true success this way. Focusing on the people is where your leadership skills need to be. That is where you grow as a person and a business; the paycheck tends to follow.

More people than not are guilty of letting their paycheck rule their life and turn the attention away from the people who are involved with the business. Remember that the people you work with on your team are the most valuable people in your business so you should treat them as such. Think about what you would do without all of those people? Could you do it alone? Probably not. I like to keep my motive clear to my team and support each and every one of them. Teamwork makes the dream work so always appreciate those who are willing to work along side you to build your business together.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running, the members of your team are there to help business grow, but they are also there to help themselves. It is your job to be a great leader and show that you care about their future as much as they care about the future of the business. Teaching the members of your team is important. Continuing their education about the business will only benefit the team as a whole.

Aim to become an exceptional leader, one that others talk about in a positive way. If you choose to help your team succeed, your business will succeed as well and the paycheck that drives so many leaders will follow. So by focusing on people rather than a paycheck you get the best of both worlds: helping people succeed and success.


Ronne B

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