Each new year brings with it a set of new aspirations. With more than half of the year behind us and the fear of the unknown in front of us, the overwhelming feeling may begin to sink in.

So, just how do you integrate implementation into your yearly goals? Here’s a start:

Identify Your Intentions

The fastest way to feel bitterness towards your work is not having clarity around why you are doing it in the first place. Is your goal to impact more people in your community? If so, is running yourself ragged to get a “k” behind your follower count going to get you there? Let your why precede your what and how.

Set Boundaries

Saying yes to everything and everyone can mean saying no to things you need, and want to do. Participating can be a nice way to procrastinate. Time is your greatest asset and you can’t afford to give it away freely. Now, I’m not suggesting you cancel all your coffee dates, but I am encouraging you to be more intentional with your time.

Practice Patience

Without patience, you will constantly feel like you are under pressure to perform. When our mind is only focused on the end-result, we are unable to physically and emotionally take in the process of creating.

Take Steady Steps

You’ve got your goal in mind, but did you break it down? The only way to make your goals happen is to pair them with actionable steps. What can you do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis that will make you happy come December 31st? Want to expand your network? Just don’t say you are going to attend more events.

Instead you should:

Have a game plan

Create a list of people you want to meet

Take note of what you have in common and how you can help one another

Celebrate Your Wins

With so many measures of success, it’s easy to forget our impact. Just remember, balance sheets don’t include a line for blessings received. Profits aren’t the only proof to provide value. Not every mission needs monetization. Not every prize needs to be under your possession. Not all gratification is instant.

So, what will you accomplish THIS year?


Ronne B

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