Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed beyond the point of being able to function because your life is so busy at times? I’m sure we all have reached that point sometime in our lives and it can cause us to neglect the important things in life and fall backwards on our road to success.

First of all, setting aside time to clear your mind is crucial to not only your saneness but to your ability to be successful. A cluttered mind results in added stress, spur of the moment decisions, forgetfulness, and the list goes on and on. When you overload yourself you aren’t functioning at the best of your ability and that ends up costing you more time because you have to go back and correct your mistakes. Clearing your mind doesn’t take long, set aside 15-30 minutes everyday to just relax and meditate. The results you will get from this will be outstanding.

Think of your mind as a dry erase board. All of your thoughts are written on the board throughout the day and eventually your board will get full. It doesn’t take long to erase the board, but once you do it is much easier to write on it.

Having a peaceful place to clear your mind is just as important. If you attempt to clear your mind in the middle of your loud fast paced life, you aren’t going to get anywhere. You need to seclude yourself. Get to a quite, calm place where you can close your eyes and think. Think about nothing, or nature, or something that makes you happy.

Like I said before, clearing your mind will improve so many things in your life. You will perform better, your stress level will be dramatically lower, and you will be happier. You will find that you will be able to get so much more accomplished in a day when you clear your mind and start from scratch. Try it and see how your life changes.


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