When looking forward to the future we often use the word “dream” to describe what we desire to happen. We have dream boards and other tools that we use to help make our “dreams” into a reality. But what we don’t realize is that dreams are often left unfulfilled, and our “visions” are what tend to be sought after more. Having a “vision” makes the “dream” to another level of accomplishment. Here’s why:

A vision is an entirely different aspect of perception but not in our thought, it is foresight and has a long view. While on the other hand, dream is something perfect or very beautiful. It is like seeing visions and pictures in the mind. A vision is always a future-oriented program. It is an image that you want to create. It is not about an individual’s image, it is about what they want to become. A vision should be greater than a goal or dream and to have a vision, one has to visualize and imagine a lot of things.

A vision is something that is more likely to occur because the person with the vision sees themselves fulfilling their expectation and thus working harder to make that vision a reality. It’s more or less a more achievable action.

A dream on the other hand is a very vague sense of what you want to see happening in your life. Yes a dream is something everyone should have, but a vision is something more achievable. For example, people say all the time that they have dreams of being a billionaire. Well, the odds of that happening without a plan are very slim. Now a more logical “vision” would be someone setting a more achievable goal and setting a plan of action in place. This is where your “dream” becomes a “vision.”

Remember if your goal is something you can only imagine, then you need to think about taking smaller steps to reach that goal. You need to be able to see yourself achieving your goals so you can put a plan on action in place. This is when your dream becomes a vision.



Ronne B

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