Competition has been a big part of our lives for a long as I can remember. Do you think so too? I remember growing up and wanting to get the highest grade on a test or wanting to beat a fellow classmate in a sports game. All of this helped to shape my mind into always being the best that I could be. This helps us focus on a goal and never give up on our dreams.

Competition can be misinterpreted though; sometimes people see competition, as comparing themselves to others and having to be just like the other person in order to have success. That isn’t the way we should look at success and achievements. We should always focus on our own journey!!

It is so important to refrain from comparing yourself to everyone else. Jealousy derives from worrying about how far others have come. You don’t know how hard that person worked to get where they are so you should just congratulate others on their success and become inspired.

You don’t need to be distracted from reaching your dreams. Focus on what is best for you and find a path that best fits your life. Your life is totally different from your peers, so your success path is totally different as well. Be proud of what you have accomplished, because no matter how long it takes you to reach your goals, you will always be further than you were yesterday.



Ronne B

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