I am a firm believer in doing what you love. Timing is important when it comes to pursing your dream career, because honestly, sometimes the finances that come with doing what you love don’t out weigh your current job.

I have dealt with this personally while pursing my dreams but I never gave up and I just continued to prepare for the day that the door would be opened for me, and my opportunity would arise. It happened, and now I can say that I do what I love on a daily basis and I don’t have to worry about the financial situation I will be in each month.

Patience is key when it comes to finding that right moment to tackle the dream job you’ve been waiting for. I waited for many years to be able to pursue my dream but I knew that one day it would happen.

I also discovered that there are many ways you can pursue your dream. You have to think about it, research it, and write down opportunities that come to you. For example if your passion is to help people in need; you have a broad spectrum to work with. You can help people in many different ways and there are many opportunities that will allow you to achieve that dream.

One tip that I want to give you would be don’t eliminate any possibility. Try new things and open your mind to new opportunities because you never know where that opportunity will take you.

My last endeavor lead me to do what I love and I never would have imagined that it could become what it has. Like I said, patience is key and you have to wait for the perfect timing. BUT if you close the door to the possibilities, your opportunity will never come your way.

Another recommendation I have for you is to document your achievements. I think it’s important to write down how far you’ve come because you can look back at your history one day and admire all of the hard work you did to achieve your goal. It will help you appreciate your efforts and you can look back on the times where you thought your dreams weren’t possible and realize where you’re at today is just a small piece of your unfinished puzzle.


Ronne B

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