You will often hear me say that success happens outside of your comfort zone and that facing my fears was one of the ways that I was able to see the success that has come my way. Some people wonder the purpose of doing things that scare you. Well, it’s all boiled down to this, it helps you gain courage. The more you conquer your fears, the stronger you will be. 

Fear is like a bully, if you continue to obey what it is telling you, the more power it will have. However, if you acknowledge what fear says, and do the opposite, you have the control and gain courage. Think of fear as an indicator that’s telling you something great is about to happen. When you begin to develop fear you should know that this is your chance to break outside of your comfort zone and make great things happen. 

Take public speaking as an example, when I was first asked to speak in front of a large crowd I was scared. You have hundreds of eyes only on you and you wonder what each set will be thinking when you start speaking. I could have said no, but I knew that it was my time to make a difference and the only way I could do that, would be to face my fears and just go with it. I forced myself to do something that scared me and guess what? I gained courage and I did another speaking event, and another, and another. Now I do as many as I can fit into my schedule because facing that head on opened up my ability to pour into people like I had always hoped I could. 

So give it a shot, do something that scares you today. Experience the positive effect that it can have so you can gain the courage you’ve been needing to do the things you’ve been dreaming about. Head over to my Facebook page and share with me a fear you faced under this post. 

Ronne B

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