What areas of life feel like they are on delay? What are you working towards that just can’t come soon enough? What does it really mean to have patience?

To have patience is to stand with composure, confidently. To embrace delay without feeling discomposed.

I think we can both agree that when we are not getting what we want, when our hope is deferred, our patience is definitely being tested. What if we had a new perspective on the power of waiting? What if we trusted the process of what it looks like to prepare for our “prime time”?

Consider how long Jesus needed to wait before He stepped out into His full-time ministry. Thirty years, for a 3 1/2 year assignment. Crazy! So why are we in a rush?

Now, what if we robbed ourselves of the impact we were created to have because of lack of patience? Our way of thinking is not God’s way of thinking. By overly focusing on smaller objectives—like, finally quitting our 9 to 5, making a profit in business, starting a non-profit, or receiving a publishing deal or promotion at work—we often lose sight of the bigger picture.

Waiting doesn’t mean you do nothing; waiting means you prepare yourself. Your time of waiting is for uncovering more of your identity. Waiting is the time to build up your skill-sets so that you’re equipped for the assignment. And waiting is for the building of your character. Without virtues, our human nature can’t withstand the dangers of influence or success.

So we wait, while we walk it out.

The work of your hands has the power to multiply, spread, and impact our nation. Embrace the mundane, stand with patience and get ready.

Ronne B

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