Your thoughts are so powerful and they can dictate how your day is conducted very easily. So therefore, if you wake up and start your day with negative thoughts, more than likely you will have a negative, counterproductive day. I like to wake up and be 100% positive, no matter what. Even if my previous day ended on a negative note, I ALWAYS put that behind me and allow every day to be a new day with a new outcome. It’s important to your success that you do the same and here are a couple tips to help you:

Have A Strong Backing

If it’s hard for you to wake up and think positive thoughts on a daily basis, then you have to come to terms with that so you can change what you are doing wrong. You have to realize that your life won’t change until your thinking does. No matter how you choose to bring positivity to your life, you need to do it. I choose to pray and allow God to help me through my tough times and that is why and how I can start my day with a positive mind.

Think About What You Are Thinking About

When I wake up every morning and pray and read God’s Word, I truly think about the scriptures that I read and I try to understand how they impact my life. It would be pointless for me to read them if I just simply skimmed over them in hopes of making my day better. You have to actually think about what you are taking into your mind. That is how your thoughts will change for the better and you will start to have more positive and productive days.

Like I said before, you have to be aware of the problem and allow yourself to let positivity in so you can see a change in your life. I want to encourage you to find your own way of starting your day off with positive thoughts. I choose God because He has helped me through some of my toughest trials in life, and I truly believe that He will change anyone’s life that will trust in Him.


Ronne B

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