We are all given potential to be or become something big in this world. Each of us are given different characteristics, lives, and circumstances that challenge us to become who we are. The common denominator to tapping into this potential and becoming or being these Men and Woman? Confidence.

As Men and Woman, we need to acknowledge the potential we have in this world and live it. The confidence we are given comes from Jesus. Our confidence isn’t in our ability but in God’s ability.  Potential is defined as something that is possible not actual. It’s up to us to create it into something actual. Our potential to be someone will be something that will constantly change. Why? Life is ever changing. We will be challenged to be the best businesswomen, businessmen, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. This means we will need to grab a hold of our confidence and emulate that through our lives to lead and lead well. Create what is possible into what is actual.

We will ALL be faced with obstacles in our lives that will challenge our feelings of self worth, confidence and feeling of purpose, but realize your potential and hold tight to that. You are given potential from our heavenly father; one that is yours alone. That aspect of your character is beautiful but not until you show your confidence in that potential will you be able to live it out and become.

Many of us lack confidence daily. For me, My daily struggles come in many forms.

Today, many of us get caught up in what society “thinks” confidence is and then we start trying to become an alternate version of what we want to be. Reality shows, social media, any and all digital platforms show this skewed perception of what society thinks reality is. As women and men, we view this perspective of what we should be or how we should be and it alter At the end of the day, we need to realize that we cannot rely on the world to feel empowered because the world will always fail us.

We need to rely on the Lord for these feelings. The beautiful thing about being able to build myself up again and be empowered is the assurance that I have grace from our heavenly father if I fail. Having confidence in the Lord will absolutely transcend into having confidence in oneself.

Leadership and confidence go hand-in-hand. Lead others with assurance and they to will follow. Lead others with confidence that The Lord is doing his work and they will see his glory. “For the Lord will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught” (Proverbs 3:26). Most people don’t see themselves as leaders; they believe it’s not their purpose. You might not be leading thousands but you are a leader if you’re leading one.

Everyone hits a point in their lives where they realize that family; relationships, society and friendships don’t dictate their decisions or perspectives anymore.  Confidence and assurance of the women they are becoming happens. They have allowed themselves to tap into that character trait.

As an individual, we become what we never realized we were becoming. We realize that others thoughts aren’t our own, we are confident in our character and our thoughts. We are confident in our potential to lead.

I never thought at 32 I would view the world in ways that I do.
I never thought I would lead so many Women and Men all over the world.

I never thought I would lead my family every day to know Jesus.
I never thought I would become a Millionaire at such a early age and help others doing the same thing. Most of all I never thought I could do it or had the potential and confidence but He did.

Rest in the assurance that you are a woman and men of God and your confidence in this messed up world is through him.

Now, go become.

Ronne B

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