Let’s face it, embracing change can be difficult. Everyone likes to stay in their comfort zone, hence the word “comfort”, because that is where you feel most secure. The problem is, change is going to enter your life whether you want it to or not. That is why accepting it will allow you to adapt much easier. 

I struggled with change a lot in the past because I had a family that I needed to provide for and I wanted that secure feeling that I got with my comfort zone. BUT over the past few years I have made some HUGE changes in my life. I have realized that some of the best things to happen to my family and me have be a result of change. Therefore, anytime change comes knocking on my door, I embrace it. 

Here are a few benefits that have come my way after accepting change:

1. Change Helps Your Grow

Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal and even professional growth and development.

2.  Change Makes You Flexible

Try to think of change as something that gets you out of your rut. By embracing change and meeting it head-on with excitement, you can learn not to be so set in your ways—which can help you maintain a more positive attitude.

3.  Change Reveals Your Strengths

Without being forced to accept changes, you might never learn the true measure of your own strength; including your ability to adapt in new and often interesting ways.

4.  Change Breaks Up Routines

Certain routines can leave you in a rut—and possibly even contribute to depression and stress.

By breaking up your routine, change keeps your mind active, refocusing your thoughts so your mind stays active and doesn’t become fixated on negative thought patterns.

5.  Change Provides Opportunities

By altering the way you live your life, even in a small way, change can present opportunities that can have a domino effect, providing you with more choices than you ever dreamed possible, so you can create a more fulfilling life.


Ronne B

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