Looking professional and your very best is a must for women in the business industry. People just don’t have interest in doing business with someone who doesn’t look put-together and professional. In their eyes they see someone who might not be able to follow through with their business proposals because they can’t even get themselves ready in the morning. Here are a few tips you might be able to use that make my life easier:

Get plenty of sleep:

Rest is very important when it comes to looking professional. Showing up to a meeting with a potential customer with bags under your eyes and dark circles creates a distraction and your presentation won’t be what they are focusing on during your meeting. I always make a point to get a good night’s rest before an important meeting. I want my potential client to be completely focused on the opportunity I am presenting to them and have very few distractions.

Skin care:

I highly recommend finding a skin care line that you love. Taking care of your skin has more benefits than just looking younger. It can save you so much time in the morning. If you follow me on any social media site, you will see that there are days where I work my business and conduct meetings with a fresh face. This is all possible because I have a wonderful skin care line that helps me achieve my flawless skin. This is a MUST.

Have plenty of energy:

We have to face it; sometimes getting a good night’s rest can just be impossible. You might have a sick kid you need to tend to, or your nerves are getting the best of you; whatever it might be sometimes you have to result to energizing your body another way. My go to boost for energy is It Works Energy drink. It’s all natural and I never have to worry about crashing later or feeling jittery. Sometimes even if I have gotten a full night’s rest, I bring an energy drink with me just in case I end up having a long day and need that extra boost after lunch. I never want my clients to think I am tired even if I am.

Dress the part:

Make sure you have a professional wardrobe. You don’t need the most fancy items but a few professional looking things wouldn’t hurt. You don’t want to show up to a business meeting and your client is dressed better than you. Find professional clothing that is comfortable and affordable and pick clothing that can be worn multiple times. Even if I don’t have any meetings scheduled, which is rare, I still dress to impress because you never know when a business opportunity will arise and you always want to look your best!


Ronne B

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