Who are your business partners? Are they reliable, hard-working, honest people? They should be. Who you do business with says a lot about you AND your business. Although, a lot of people try to do business with everyone, it’s not possible and not healthy for your business.
There are reasons you can’t do business with everyone. Not everyone has the drive to be successful. You will find people who want to find success over night and they will be more if a liability to you than an asset. They expect you to carry their weight and build their business for them. You can’t let this happen. You have to choose your partners wisely and know when to say no.
You will find that some people want success but they don’t want to take advice. They don’t want your help. You should find people who want to be partners with you. People that will support your decisions and be willing to work together as a team to build your businesses even bigger. When you have already found a way that works, your partners should believe in you. They should trust your instinct.
Look for partners that want success, who are willing to work for it and who are trustworthy. Your time is valuable so use it wisely when determining your future business partners.
Ronne B

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