Have you ever wondered why certain businesses and organizations thrive more than others? Struggling is a common thing in this economy and those who thrive have a particular characteristic that sets them apart from everyone else: purpose. A business without purpose tends to only focus on how the business can make money and a business with purpose focuses on how the business can benefit others.

In order to keep your business purpose driven you need to be aware of a few things:

Always Be Authentic:

Authenticity is what will set you aside from other businesses and organizations. When you are driven by purpose, your authenticity will follow with that. Even if the business you are involved in was not an original idea to you, you can make it authentic with your actions and your purpose. For example, I have seen several people become involved in the same business but only a few thrive. This is because those few who are succeeding had a purpose to help others with the start of their business.

Bring In The Right People:

You can’t force people to share your purpose. That’s why it is important to find people who share the same purpose as you. This will make everything else run smoothly. When I started my organization I searched for people who had the same purpose ideas that I had. Once I found them I noticed how differently we promoted our organization. We all had the same vision and our organization thrived easily because we had the ultimate goal of helping other women like ourselves.

Create Shared Value:

It’s important to have a social value as well as an economic value when you have a business. Like I said before, your business or organization cannot solely be about making a profit. When you can focus on helping out other people with your business, you create balance. Within my organization we focus on women who want to pursue a life of entrepreneurship and we help them perfect their business ideas so they can thrive within the economy. Our next event is using ticket sales to fund our abilities to help these women. Check out our event here.

Being successful in this economy is much harder than it used to be so it is very important to run your business or organization with purpose. Find people with similar purpose goals and always be authentic.


Ronne B

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