Within the last few years, social media has taken over the marketing world leaving traditional marketing strategies in the dust, or so we think. Actually, traditional marketing tactics can be more effective than social media. Building trust and relationships is key to gaining new customers and establishing that through social media takes much longer to do. Here are a few traditional marketing strategies that you should definitely still do:

Localize Offline to Build Trust

I invest in signs and handouts and try to blanket the town with them. If you want to stay top of mind with your core clients, you have to market to them offline as well. Not only will this drive them to your online campaign and reinforce what they see online, but it can also create direct leads by localizing your brand, thereby creating trust.

Local Events Pay Off

Yes, events are beneficial for the customer to jump-start a relationship with the company and to get hands-on with the product. This will encourage the customer to spread word of mouth, which is the most influential and valuable part of marketing because it means more if someone else has something to say from their personal experience and familiarity with the product.

Networking in Person

Any chance I get to attend a new event or conference where potential customers are, I go. You don’t have to talk about your business the entire time; mingle and create relationships with people. Then share your business with them as a friend, not a salesperson.

On-Site Activities

When it comes to traditional marketing, I still invest in on-site marketing activities such as events and sponsorships. On-site marketing is not only a great way to make a lasting connection with your target market, but it also provides the opportunity to capture great content such as photos and videos, which are perfect to release via your social media channels.

Printed Pieces in the Physical World

Although your cost per impression is typically a lot higher, putting a physical piece of marketing in someone’s hand can still have an impact. Reaching someone in the real world with a flier, poster, pin or billboard can help reinforce what you are doing online and legitimize your business in the real world, instead of being just another website.

Clearly these traditional marketing strategies are all resulting back to building relationships with customers. That can be very hard to do online so it’s very important to still use traditional marketing to share your business. Plus people like to see the “face” behind the webpage.




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