I know the holiday season can be hectic and over whelming at times due to traveling and spending time with family, and your business tends to get put on the back burner. Let me tell you, even though you might be busy, right now is a fantastic time to do some simple marketing for your business that will attract so many potential customers. Here are three simple things to add to your business during the holiday season to entice more people to your business.

Social Media Contests

If your business has a social media presence, contests on Facebook and Twitter are often a popular way highlight your brand and engage with customers, reminding them that your product or service is available and a great gift idea. With a few rules, a clever hashtag and incentive such as a prize or discount on your offerings, you can gather excitement about and draw people in to your business.

Extra Appeal for Your Loyal Customers

Take this time to make your loyal customers feel extra special. It may come back to you by way of additional business and referrals. Without breaking the bank, you can provide special offers, sneak previews, free shipping or secret sales. Depending on your clientele base, you can send out personal thank you cards to customers and even slip a discount card inside the envelope. Being personal with your customers makes them feel special and they will stay loyal to you.


Email remains inexpensive and easy to implement when it comes to maintaining contact with existing customers. That’s a key to remember: to be effective, email marketing should be used with folks you have already done business with or who have expressed an interest in your business and have requested email from you.  The key to sending emails is to consider what you would think if you received that exact email. Is it too long? Too detailed? Etc.

Keep these tips in mind if you plan to use email to support your holiday marketing efforts:

Keep the e-mail short and sweet. Link directly to the content of interest so you make the process as easy as possible for your customers.

Clearly state the email’s intent in the subject line. For example, “A Special Offer Just for You. Thanks for Your Business in 2013.”

Take charge of your business and don’t let the holiday season be your “slow” season!!


Ronne B

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