As entrepreneurs, we have so much to be grateful for. We literally get to design our own lives, do what we love, and have access to new platforms to further our future endeavors.Of course November is a natural month for reflection on everything we’re thankful for, but being thankful all year round is actually better for you business. 

In my experience as an entrepreneur I have seen many people succeed and many people fail. In all honesty, the ones who keep their success year after year, are the one’s who seem to have more gratitude and continue to be thankful for what they have been blessed with. I have seen greed get the better of people and they end up losing almost everything. So with that being said, here are three ways being grateful can help build your business:

Gratitude Leads to Happiness and Productivity

Scientists have studied the benefits of gratitude to our mental health, which obviously plays a key role in how we do our jobs. Actually, being grateful has been proven to put people in a happier mindset. Most of us know firsthand that we work better when we’re happier and research shows that happier people are 12 percent more productive.

The Law of Attraction

Gratitude helps swing the law of attraction in our favor. When we’re in a grateful state, we’re more likely to attract good things to us – which makes total sense. When we’re happier, we tend to let things roll off our back more, which means we don’t become flustered as often. We are also calmer and don’t rush through things, therefore avoiding little pitfalls that pile up. The way we react to the little things puts us in a certain mental state and affects the way we do the big things.

Gratitude Draws Other People

Gratitude is a lot like positivity, it attracts people. Even in the worst of times, if you are grateful and positive about the future, you will draw people to you. So instead of only being grateful in November, let’s focus on spreading gratitude all year round and boost our businesses! 


Ronne B

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